Expand your heart centre with the Angels of Compassion as you add to your inner peace and to peace in the world. 8 inner journeys and notes.

[mp3-jplayer tracks=”FEED:/freemeditations/sm2013/sm130919″] A valuable question to ask yourself, it can have unexpected consequences. As you ask this question, lovingly and carefully, you may discover that there is very little of which you can surely say, “I know that this is true.” Let yourself celebrate uncertainty when you find it in yourself. For each acknowledged uncertainty …

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Pink-Lotus-Trimmed-150x150When you ask the question ‘Why?’ – whether personal (“Why did I miss the bus?”) or global (“Why does the Universe exist?”) – it may be that you have felt that your job is to find the one true answer; and having found the one true answer some sort of peace would reign within you. But maybe another approach can be more helpful to you.

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