Money is very useful to you, but it is not wealth.

Meet someone in your life and make peace with who you both are.

I’m interested to get some insight into the ‘battle of the sexes’.

Can you say more about the properties of sound and how beneficial they might be to us?

Angels help you to see your own beauty.

You are loved throughout all time and all space.

A continuation of the previous session: is there a way of using light as we go about our day to day business that will benefit all?

Let your heart centre bring you rest and well-being.

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A group of girls – there are seven or eight of them – all belong to the same church in a wealthy area of a North American city. They love to cook. They do not see why anyone in their city should be hungry. They cook with love.

By the time they are eight years old their pastor has let them take over the church kitchen. Each weekend and on evenings too they pour love into cakes and cookies. They give them to anyone who wants. People bring them ingredients. Word gets around. But although there is some publicity, mostly they avoid it.

A warm sea and a silver beach; here the children grow up in and out the water all the time. They are accomplished divers from an early age and take to sitting together in a circle underwater in the shallows holding hands. They can communicate better this way, tuning into each other’s thoughts and feelings and creating jokes.

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You are perfect already. Therefore understand that when you grow, it is because to grow is natural to you, not because there is error to correct or a fault to erase.

Learn to desist from judging yourself and others; keep practising, for it takes practice. Does this mean that the world turns to chaos without the force of condemnation? Emphatically no! For all healing comes from love and it is love that connects you all. When you judge, connection is broken.

If you create your reality, how come it doesn’t always turn out to your taste? Here is one reason: you send mixed messages to the Universe, the raw material from which reality is created. Consequently the Universe provides you with mixed results. What can you do about this? Here are two suggestions. Relax. Be at …

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Sananda approaches a similar area to that Sanat Kumara addressed in our last session, but from a different angle. This inner journey is about our own personal experience as human beings, recognising that there can be times when we feel very removed from the Christ Light, or that aspects of our lives seem untouched by it.

The powerful bonds we find in our families often have a history beyond this lifetime. In his excellent book The Secret Spiritual World of Children, Tobin Hart, an associate professor of psychology at the University of West Georgia, quotes this report of a mother’s conversation with her three-year-old daughter Nicole: The other day, Nicole and I were eating breakfast and out of the blue she said, ‘A long, long time ago when I was a little boy I could turn the light switch on and off all by myself.’

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