All guidance helps you to know your own wisdom.

You live in a world of movement and change. It is natural to experience love as something you give and receive; it moves between you. Yet you also are love. There is a stillness at the heart of your being that is the love that you are. You can be this stillness and in doing so, relieve yourself of a kind of work you may have unconsciously committed yourself to.

Your guide experiences great joy in your company.

Your guide is not confined in physical space. She or he can be with you as a diffuse presence of love holding a vision of your joy or can coalesce into a presence with which you can relate and communicate. In the diffused state your guide can add light to your aura, just as you might water a flower. When you are receptive gifts are given, when not they are withheld. Watering a flower is not always helpful; you do not have to be receptive all the time.

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