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Introduction A connection with your guide can be a wonderful experience. Your guide loves you unconditionally and loves to help you develop your spiritual skills and your life skills. Guides work unobtrusively and kindly. They trust you to discover your own wisdom in your own way at your own pace. This is their purpose: to …

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Your guide loves you unconditionally. Your guide places light around you, so that you may open like a flower. Your guide breathes light into you, to illuminate your wisdom. Your guide holds light for you, in readiness for your call. Your guide illuminates your path with the vision of your joy. [mp3-jplayer tracks=”FEED:/freemeditations/sm2014/sm140118″]

Your guide is like a best friend; a being who knows and loves you without judgement, who seeks to help you without interfering, who is there for you whenever you want, without limiting your freedom to be yourself. When you want advice and guidance your guide is there to offer it. In these inner journeys you can meet and come to know this special being. You will be helped to recognise your guide’s presence and begin to explore how your guide communicates with you. As you listen you will receive loving and powerful transmissions from Sananda.

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