Divine Love

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This post is only available to members.

Your thoughts may feel like flies to a horse: a bit of a nuisance…

The human mind is a beautiful space. Your thoughts are precious. Your thoughts bridge the gap between the seen and unseen worlds. Every thought you have has a creative power. Each one carries energy into the physical world and that energy changes the world.

Much traffic crosses these mental bridges besides those thoughts you consciously generate yourself. Learning to observe this traffic can be of great benefit to you. When you observe with love, your love transforms thoughts as they travel. They become vehicles for love and take that love into the world.

Your human life – the taking on of physical form, your interaction with the world, all that is accomplished and experienced – can be seen as an opportunity, a choice you have made, to bring the infinite love of the Source of All to the specific point in time and space that is your body, …

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