Around the world a new community of light is growing.

Light loves you. The light that lies behind all things is drawn to you. You are a doorway through which light finds expression in the outer world. You are fulfilling light’s agenda. For light is conscious; indeed we may say that light is the fundamental substance of consciousness. Light’s purpose is to become more of itself: consciousness becoming more conscious. You are both a means by which that purpose is fulfilled and an object of the purpose. For light wishes to bring you into greater consciousness.

Astronomy The Orion Nebula, also known as M42, is a vast cloud of dust and interstellar gas out of which new stars are being created. The nebula itself is about 1350 light years away and 15 to 25 light years across (two or three times the distance from here to Sirius). The blur of its form …

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This year focuses on bringing gifts of light into our lives and using those gifts to deepen our personal experience of joy and fulfilment.

We begin the year with developing key states of consciousness that are both fundamental to our experience as humans and to the creation of a city of light. Sananda feels that by expanding these states of consciousness we become more aware of how we may use them to experience a deeper and more consistent sense of joy in our lives.

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