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When you think of Heaven on Earth, you may think of something descending from above…

You come to Earth through the Sun. You as a being, as pure presence, pass through the Sun in order to gather the forms of light that grant you a physical presence here on Earth. These forms of light are of immense beauty. You yourself as a being have immense beauty. Your time on Earth …

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When the Sun warms water, water evaporates and rises towards the Sun. There it gathers new light; it is renewed. The molecules of water receive an update of the Divine Plan. Light comes anew from the Source of All through the consciousness of the Sun to be given to the Earth as rain or snow.

When light is refracted through raindrops to create a rainbow, you can see the light of oneness revealed in the colours of the spectrum; the one becomes many.

You matter because you are here. You are present in this world and your presence makes a difference. You do not yet know who you are or what difference you make. You are used to identifying with your name, your characteristics, your behaviours, your achievements and the connections you make with others in this world. All of these matter, but they may matter less than you have been accustomed to think.

We suggest that it is, above all, your presence that matters. Your presence is, by its nature, of great beauty. You are a drop of the light of the Source of All that has entered this reality. This light of Source that is you changes the reality in which you find yourself.

Here you can read brief definitions of some of the key terms Sananda is using. Your experience gives you the truest definition, but these descriptions may be useful pointers. Arriving You might think of creating, becoming and arriving as three aspects of fulfilment. Creating is a fundamental impetus in our relationship with the world and …

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Introduction A connection with your guide can be a wonderful experience. Your guide loves you unconditionally and loves to help you develop your spiritual skills and your life skills. Guides work unobtrusively and kindly. They trust you to discover your own wisdom in your own way at your own pace. This is their purpose: to …

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Your human life – the taking on of physical form, your interaction with the world, all that is accomplished and experienced – can be seen as an opportunity, a choice you have made, to bring the infinite love of the Source of All to the specific point in time and space that is your body, …

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[mp3-jplayer tracks=”FEED:/freemeditations/sm2013/sm131121″] The Great Ones are a group of beings who oversee the development of human consciousness in the wider context of the evolution of consciousness across the Galaxy. Their purpose is to help humanity align with Divine Will so that your light may flower into full expression through the medium of physicality. The next …

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[mp3-jplayer tracks=”FEED:/freemeditations/sm2013/sm130725″] Angels are plentiful in your world, and they are becoming more so. They are coming to transform the nature of your reality. This transformation happens with you and through you. You yourselves are doorways through which angels enter your world. As angelic consciousness flows through you it reveals a new reality. Angels hold …

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