This year focuses on bringing gifts of light into our lives and using those gifts to deepen our personal experience of joy and fulfilment.

We begin the year with developing key states of consciousness that are both fundamental to our experience as humans and to the creation of a city of light. Sananda feels that by expanding these states of consciousness we become more aware of how we may use them to experience a deeper and more consistent sense of joy in our lives.

These states of consciousness (and others will follow from time to time) are: unfolding and receiving; becoming and arriving; creativity and inspiration; I am Source and We are Source.  Each pair is having a session devoted to it, and of course these are large subjects. So Sananda’s teaching is designed to give us a direct experience of these states which we can then develop in subsequent sessions through use and practice.

From these states of consciousness we will generate an inner space of receiving that helps us align with the pre-existing city of light here on Earth with which we often connect. Our friends there will guide us to the gift of a crystal of light for the heart centre, which we can then attune to the heart centre of their city of light and with Divine Will.

This crystal of light acts as a portal through which we can connect more clearly with other cities of light within the Galaxy and with the angelic realms to receive further gifts of light, packages or quanta of light, that we may use to increase fulfilment in our lives.  In the second half of the year Sananda will be teaching us further skills as we use these gifts: observing the light as it comes in, interacting with it, drawing on the help available to us, finding our place in the Divine Plan for the Galaxy, precipitating and crystallising light into form, letting old forms dissolve to find a higher order – and more!

As you apply and put to practical use what you are learning, I will be encouraging you to monitor, in whatever way works best for you (keeping notes, for example), what changes and develops, what works best for you, what you enjoy most, what brings you fulfilment and indeed what fulfilment means to you.

Looking ahead to 2014

Moving on to next year we will be focus more on grace and Divine Presence, and developing the state of consciousness Sananda calls Abiding Love. You may like to attend this year’s Summer School, on 31 August and 1 September, where Sananda will be first teaching the skills that generate this state.