Teachings from Arcturus: Gratitude for the Now

Skills for moving more fully into the now and living in the flow.

6 inner journeys and 6 talks with study notes

Code: TSA02

In this course you will learn skills for dissolving the boundaries between moments so that it becomes easier to feel ‘in the flow’. As these energetic boundaries dissolve further our relationship with time evolves. The past becomes a set of energy forms and relationships between forms with which you recognise yourself as being actively engaged, each fresh perspective or understanding bringing gifts out of the past into your present.

With these skills you may find it easier to release yourself from any perceptions of your own past that have limited or burdened you. As you recognise that you yourself are the flow of life, you may also find a sense of active engagement with the future, its gifts available to you both now and then again in the future, enriched by your conscious exploration of them ahead of time. Continue…

Code: TSA02