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Join our sessions of talks and inner journeys channelled from Sananda online on the first Sunday of each month 9am to 10 am UK time. All sessions are recorded and available for you to listen to or download whenever you wish. Access a wonderful library of light skills that help you express and manifest your inner light in transformative and uplifting ways.

Sananda holds a vision that the spaces to which he guides you and the skills he teaches enable you to experience expanded states of consciousness where your life is increasingly harmonious, joyful and fulfilling.

A city of light is one of the principal ways in which beings like ourselves express our beingness as we move into the new light which is becoming available to us. It supports our living in creative harmony with one another so that we may bring out the best in ourselves and each other easily and joyfully.

What happens when I sign up?

You can choose the amount you would like to pay for your monthly subscription. You can cancel it at any time.  More about how online sessions work here…

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