Heart of Peace Week 2017

5 Dalya GardenA time of rest, play and heart-based meditations for the creation of peace on Earth. A week-long retreat in a tranquil riverside hotel close to the Aegean coast of Turkey. Dalya Life Hotel is a Travellers’ Choice Award winner for 2013 – further details below.

Creating Peace

The theme for this year is welcoming the generosity of the universe and we will be working with some very beautiful beings of light to untie knots in the heart and to develop our sense of continuous connection with oneness.

Who is this week for?

This week is for you if you wish

  • DalyLifeBreakfastSmallto combine spiritual growth with rest and play in comfortable and peaceful surroundings
  • to experience a greater sense of inner peace
  • to know yourself as a member of a worldwide community of love and light
  • to contribute to the creation of peace on Earth
  • to move into beautiful states of consciousness you can make part of your life
  • to develop your heart centre and your creativity
  • to meet beautiful beings from the higher dimensions
  • to be with like-minded souls in service to the Earth
  • to learn skills you can use to develop peace in your life and your own community.

The structure of the week

Hammock 2From Sunday to Thursday we will meet for an hour and a half each evening to share in beautiful guided inner journeys channelled by Christopher. Each morning there is a silent meditation you are also invited to join. Our inner journeys will be recorded and available afterwards for you to listen again or download.

The rest of the week will be yours to enjoy as you please, perhaps resting in the tranquillity of Dalya Life or going on a boat trip or to visit Oludeniz, one of Turkey’s most beautiful beaches, or Dalyan, with its famous rockcut tombs and water taxis, on tours organised by our host Hakan.

Dalya Life Retreat Centre

Dalya_Life_2014_1Dalya Life is a haven of peace and natural beauty, nestling in a wooded valley with just eleven villas, offering tranquillity, comfort and luxury. Our host is Hakan, who is very welcoming, friendly and helpful. At Daly Life you can indulge in a delicious feast of home grown produce, freshly-selected and prepared each day. Relax in the sunshine by a freshwater pool, fed by streams filtered through mountain crags and fringed with roses. The Garden Rooms comprise a large room with a sleeping and sitting area with an ensuite bathroom, a veranda and a small garden. The Garden Suites are new, with antique furniture and natural marble floors. These suites offer a bedroom and a separate living room with a private verandah. Read about Dalya Life at their own website gocekotel.com and on Trip Advisor.

A bird’s eye view of Dalya Life

Where and when:

Dalya Life Retreat Hotel, Gocek, Turkey  / Saturday 9th – 16th September 2017

How much:

20140515_Dalya_3935The course: £150 for your place on the course. You may pay a deposit of £50 with your balance due by 1 September.

The hotel: Hotel owner Hakan is offering a reduced price for our group members. (Please note that the prices are in Euros):

  • For the Garden Rooms – €50 per night single occupancy, €60 shared.
  • For the Garden Suites  – €80 per night single occupancy, €100 shared
  • Breakfast is included and you may also have lunch and dinner here.
  • Book directly with Hakan (he speaks good English) saying that you are part of the Heaven on Earth group: hakankorates@hotmail.com. We recommend early booking.

The flights: Direct return flights from the UK to Dalaman airport (Dalya Life is only about twenty minutes from the airport) start currently at about £200 return. UK airports from which you can fly include London, Birmingham, Manchester, Newcastle and Glasgow.

Note about flights: As the Heart of Peace week’s teaching days are Sunday 10 September to Thursday 14 September, you may like to consider flying out  and returning on days other than Saturday, as flights are often cheaper then. Cheapest deals will often mean travelling out on one airline & returning with another. If you do that, remember to check that the baggage allowance is the same! Prices do vary day to day so we would recommend a site like www.skyscanner.net to search for best options. They provide email updates of price changes. 

Important! You must book your own travel and accommodation separately from your place on the course. 

Any questions?

You can send an email using there form below.

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To book your place on the course

Book online here or phone, write or email using the form below.

Deposit: £50 / In full: £150 Join our retreat of meditations, inner journeys and teachings for inner peace and world peace. Please note: You must book your accommodation and flights separately.




A time of rest, play and heart-based meditations for the creation of peace on Earth. A week-long retreat in a tranquil riverside hotel close to the Aegean coast of Turkey. The theme for this year is weaving light to create peace and we will be working with some very beautiful beings of light to learn new skills that increase harmony for ourselves and our world. We will be discovering more of the unfolding Divine Plan for humanity and how we may align with their work to embody peace more fully. Continue…

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Using the Essences
Using the Essences

The essences are designed to be taken by mouth a few drops at a time up to four times a day. You can take them undiluted or mixed with a drink. They can be used in other ways too, such as added to a bath or applied to the skin. You can take more than one essence at a time. However you may find that more than three essences used together at the same time can feel a little too ‘busy’.

You will probably find that you gain the greatest benefit from taking the essences for several days at least, and perhaps for three weeks or so. Part of the work of the essence is to strengthen the link you have with the souls of the stars so that they may gently assist you in dissolving energy forms that overlay or obscure the qualities they are helping you develop within yourself.

Taking the essences before going to sleep can be one helpful way of working with the stars. As you do so, you connect with whichever star or stars you have selected and that assists the star souls to connect with you in the sleep state, when you may be especially receptive.


How can I choose the right essences for me?

There are several ways. You may like simply to go with your intuition or inner guidance. You may like to tune into the energy of the star through its photograph. You may like to use the Key Qualities, selecting those qualities you wish to develop at this time.

You can also use our Choosing Your Essences guide.

How are the essences made?

Christopher works with many highly evolved beings from other star systems and with the souls of the stars themselves to channel their spiritual light. Their light is channelled into a blend of mineral water distilled to ensure purity and 20% alcohol in the form of organic brandy to act as a preservative. When Christopher makes the essences he goes into meditation holding a quantity of this liquid in a sealed glass jar and then channels the energy, generally through the heart and third eye centres and through the hands. Connecting with the stars and creating these essences is a very joyful experience.