Day of Light 1: Blessings and a Gift

with Sananda and Zadkiel channelled by Christopher and Carrie

General Introduction

Amethyst-background This course is one of a series of Days of Light. Each day is complete in itself and as you study each one there is a cumulative effect, for each is designed to bring an enabling light to a different aspect of your being. Each of these days teaches you spiritual skills to bring you love, joy, inner peace and fulfilment. With each day come practical exercises to help you embody and use all that you learn.

Through the teaching of Zadkiel and Sananda these days bring you gifts of the new qualities of light that are streaming into our world now and over the coming years. These gifts are most effectively received, integrated and used when we come together, either in the outer world or on the inner planes. As you listen to these guided meditations you have the opportunity to experience yourself as part of a community helping to create an experience of Heaven on Earth. You are welcome.

A welcome from Zadkiel and Sananda

We wish you to know that you are greatly loved. In this series of courses it is our purpose to help you know this truly in every fibre of your being. The skills we are teaching are for you to use and make your own. Trust in your own worth, trust that what is given here comes to you because you are ready to receive. Let blessings pour into your life, for the more blessings you welcome and accept, the more gifted you become. This is a time for expressing your gifts, and the greatest gift you have is the love that you are. Simply by being present on the earth plane you offer the the Source of All a doorway through which Divine Love may become more fully present on Earth. Begin by giving love to yourself. The love you give to yourself reveals to you the gifts that lie within. Then welcome and accept our help. We encourage you to welcome our help every day, in every moment. Together, all of us, you on Earth and we in the realms of light, bring peace and plenty, harmony and joy, wonder and beauty to the world. Then unite with one another. See the beauty in every being. When you come together you create a cup to be filled with Divine Love from which all may drink.

Suggestions for studying

As you listen to these inner journeys, trust your ability to follow the guidance of Sananda and Zadkiel. As much as you can, let yourself go with the energies that are being transmitted and trust that your understanding of them will develop. We have created exercises that help you embody and practise these skills. We suggest that initially you do each exercise soon after listening to its preceding track. Then we encourage you to use them at other times too, as you go through your day, making them part of your life. Recognise that it may take only a few seconds, and remember that your intuitive self may find it easy and natural, even if the rational mind is still trying to catch up!

Take as much time as you want to study this course. You may like to listen to each inner journey several times before moving to the next, or you may like to listen to them all once and then return to the beginning or pick out favourite journeys. Find your own way, the way that suits you best.

Important note: Do not listen while driving.

Since these meditations may take you into deep states of relaxation, do not listen to them when driving or doing anything, such as operating machinery, that requires you to be alert and focused on the outer world.

Guided Meditations and Lightwork


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Track 1: Opening to Receive with Sananda (17:18)

Sananda helps you to recognise the beauty of your being as you open your heart to receive gifts.
(Music – Spiritual Sun: Spiritual Sun Opening)

Track 2: Opening the Angelic Vortex with Zadkiel (24:53)

Zadkiel surrounds you with angelic love as you open a vortex through which blessings may shower you.
(Music – Spiritual Sun: Spiritual Sun Vortex)

Track 3: Receiving Blessings with Sananda (21:11)

Sananda helps you to recognise, welcome and integrate the light of blessings into your life. (Music – Initiation: Divine Spark)

Lightwork 1 : Counting your blessings

Day of Light 1 is primarily about Blessings, the importance and value of both giving and receiving blessings. The journeys you have just done are intended to prepare you for receiving more of the blessings that are available to you at this time. One of the ways that you can continue that preparation for yourself, in your daily life, is to acknowledge all the ways you are currently blessed.

You may well be familiar with the adage ‘Count your blessings’. This is a valuable piece of advice. For the more you acknowledge the blessings you already have in your life, the easier it is for you to open to receive even more. All the loving beings of light, your guides and the angelic realms are ready, right now, to pour more blessings into your life. All you need is to be ready and open to receive.

And one way is to bring counting your blessings into your daily practice. Does this mean literally counting each and every blessing? Do you have to know the exact number of ways in which you are currently blessed? Not necessarily. Certainly do this if it works for you; and only if knowing the actual number of blessings brings you increased joy. Just remember that joy is the key here. Counting your blessings and knowing they number ‘lots’ or ‘many’ is all that is required. So begin and end each day acknowledging the blessings that are present in your life. And then open yourself to a willingness to experience even more in the days, weeks and years to come. Every now and again say out loud ‘I am blessed!’, especially when some unexpected joy has come into your life – a smile, birdsong, contact from a friend, an unexpected gift of any kind. If it is possible for you, share your awareness of these blessings with another. All too often we may have been aware that our communications with each other have focused on the less joyful aspects of life. Be the change. Share your awareness of at least one blessing with another person as often as you can.

This not only opens you to receiving more, it awake the awareness in others too. And the awareness of blessings can ripple out all around you. Then practise sending blessings to all the aspects of your life: bless your bank account, bless your body (and not just when you sneeze!), bless those around you, bless your perceived problems that they may reveal the gifts within. For blessings are not only something to receive or bestow, they are also an activity. Blessings are something that you can practise to enable all the available blessings to flow with joy into your life.

Lightwork 2: Noticing the Light of Blessings

Find your own way of observing the light of blessings. Sananda describes them as being like sparkling stars, but your way of sensing might be different. Your way might be more feeling-based, for example. Practise inviting or welcoming blessings into your life and then be still, even briefly, and see if you can sense this light pouring down through the angelic vortex.

Sometimes you might like to expand this process. Then consciously participate in the angelic vortex by going into the Temple of your Heart and sensing the violet flame. Invite Zadkiel to help you sense the vortex. Feel or see the blessings showering down. From how far above might you sense the blessings coming? What happens as blessings touch your energy field and your body? Is there anything you can do to absorb these blessings into your life more easily and fully?

Track 4: A Gift for the Heart with Sananda (17:56)

You are guided to meet Zadkiel and to receive from him the gift which you will explore in the next meditation. (Music – Initiation: Initiation)

Track 5: The Bubble of Love with Sananda (24:13)

Now you begin to play with the gift you have received, discovering more of the power of the love that you are.
(Music – Spiritual Sun: Illumination)

Lightwork 3: Practising with the Bubble of Love

Did you ever play blowing bubbles as a child? If so, do you recall the way it felt to create something light and beautiful, clear and shining with many colours that, with a bit of practice you got just right? How it was to watch as your bubble took flight and could bring smiles to the faces of others? And did you ever play with others as they blew bubbles too, getting the bubbles to merge into each other? It is a simple activity and yet it can bring similar pleasure generation after generation. One reason for this is that it reminds us of the bubbles of love we can produce internally, spiritually. Although this skill may seem new to you, at some level you will discover that it is familiar and is just as easy and pleasurable with very little practice. And this too can start with the breath, for you might like to use an inbreath to take you to your heart centre and then allow the outbreath to carry the bubble outwards. As you go into your heart centre and find that point of light, the love that is within you naturally emerges and forms a bubble that includes all you choose to be within it. Remember it can include you too!

Practise using the bubble of love wherever you are, whether in a crowd or alone. Learn to release any tendency to effort; allow this to be easy. Feel how nurturing the bubble of love is for you as you include others within it. Play with including blessings in the bubble of love. Let the bubble of love become the medium through which blessings are offered to many. And remember that you can include all life, all that exists, not just people within the bubble of love.

Lightwork 4: Applied Blessings

How easy is it in your daily life to recognise blessings coming to and flowing through you? How can you tell how joyfully you are now receiving these gifts? Being aware and being present helps. And so does noticing, as days and weeks go by, how many more blessings you are counting.

There is another way to apply the receiving and giving of blessings: compliments. Every compliment is a gift, a blessing. Each time someone compliments you they are taking the time to truly notice and see you and then, in addition, they choose to share a generous thought with you in words. Spontaneous compliments are indeed a gift. They are not necessary. Often they can be rejected. And yet they are usually inspired by loving guidance speaking from one heart to another; evidence of a bubble of love. So, how do you usually receive compliments? Do you devalue the comments? Or do you simply smile and thank the giver? It matters not that you have had those clothes or ring or bag for some time, what matters is that someone has noticed how well an item suits you and has taken the opportunity to hear their heart and offer you a blessing. Become a giver of compliments. It can be simple, such as an admiring comment about someone’s child, or pet, or garden, or car. You may not know the person, and so you will have no idea what the effect of being complimented may have on this person, or how this may ripple out into other’s lives. Practise using the bubble of love whenever you remember, and use compliments to scatter blessings wherever you go. Become a vehicle for angelic intervention. Being truly noticed by another can heal. Kind words can soothe. Create the opportunity for increased joy and smiles in others’ lives. Begin to understand the joy that the angels have when their gifts are gladly received, and how easy it is then to want to go on giving. And as you do so become aware of the compliments that you receive, and how you choose to receive them.  Perceive the loving intent, the blessing behind the words. And simply respond with either ‘Thank you’ or ‘Bless you’ as a recognition of the gift you can now willingly, easily and effortlessly receive.

Track 6: Creating Your Highest Future with Zadkiel and Sananda  (24:53)

You are gathered into angelic light and helped to use your joy and creativity to shape the light of blessing for the highest good of all.
(Music – Spiritual Sun: Spiritual Sun Lifting)

Lightwork 5:

We encourage you to continue using, developing and integrating all these skills by listening to the journeys and putting the techniques into practice.
Whenever you connect with your wellspring of joy, listen to the messages bubble to the surface of your consciousness. Allow yourself to know and recognise what brings you joy in your everyday life, and create time to experience more of this. In what ways are you expressing your creativity? What form of creativity is enjoyable to you? Every creative act is a gift. And it is also a blessing as the very act and essence of being creative brings you in alignment with your heart centre and your true self, as well as making it easy for the gifts of light to flow to you. Give yourself time to consider all the forms of creativity that you have enjoyed in the past or have yet to try. Plants, even in a pot on a window sill, allow connection with the earth and remind you how the tiniest seed can reach its potential with a little care. Cooking even simple meals, arranging the food on the plate with care, and then blessing the food before eating can be so satisfying, nourishing body and spirit. Drawing, painting as a young child does, loving the shapes, the colours on the paper, knowing the perfection is in making something original, unique that has come from within your self. Arrange flowers. Rearrange or even redecorate your room to bring more space, more light into your life. Work with wood or metal. Allow yourself to write, letting the words, sounds or pictures in your heart and mind flow through you onto the page. Let your inspiration out, as easy as breathing. Sing for the sheer joy of creating sound, like the birds do, be they rook or robin. Dance and feel the connection with your body as you let the music flow through your heart and into your limbs. Which ways will you explore to express your own creativity, which bring most joy into your world?

Another option that may appeal combines creativity and openness to receive joyfully: the making of a Vision Board, often also called a Treasure Map or Creative Collage. Prepare by collecting old magazines; use junk mail too. Set at least an hour aside, plus some time to go into your heart centre and let your intent guide you to the blessings you are willing to receive, in whatever areas of your life. Permit disorder initially and allow yourself to discover your deepest wishes during the process. Then cut out pictures, images, words and phrases that call to you. Be as instinctive as possible; let your mind rest. It matters not why something appeals to you, if it does, it does. Let the cutting out part be fun, easy and effortless. Then place the cut items onto a large sheet of paper – the larger the better, maybe: the back of a piece of wallpaper; or several smaller sheets of plain paper joined together. Move the cuttings  around again and again until the collage feels complete. If you have not used all the cut out items let yourself notice them. They may be significant. If there is too much space between items trim the sheet of paper. Be flexible in approach and create an image that feels right to you.  Allow yourself to be surprised with the finished result. Then put it where it can be seen by you. And over time be aware of how many of, and in what ways, these blessings arrive in your life. For the Vision Board is a visual prayer, a clear call to those, angels and others, who wait to see what you are willing to receive.

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