Creating a City of Light


A city of light is one of the principal ways in which beings like ourselves express our inner light as we move into the new energies that are becoming available to us. It supports our living in creative harmony and supporting each other as we grow easily and joyfully.

The year ahead: 2017

You may like to listen to this extract from a talk by Christopher introducing the themes of 2017.

The Creating a City of Light Group

This group is learning advanced skills from Sananda for enlarging consciousness, for recognising and expressing our divinity and for using our inner light to create a world of harmony, joy and fulfilment.

You are welcome to join us. You can participate in our monthly online sessions live here or by listening to the recordings later. As a member you have access to a library of light skills to explore and use for your spiritual growth.

Our meetings

The City of Light Group meets online on the first Sunday of every month from 9 am to 10 am UK time. Each meeting combines a talk and an inner journey together with opportunities to join in and share your experiences and thoughts. Join a live meeting

You are welcome to join us

You can join any of our meetings free of charge to discover whether this group is right for you.

If are drawn to this group, we encourage you to become a member. You can choose a monthly subscription rate that feels right for you (and you can cancel or adjust your subscription at any time).

The benefits of membership

  • Access high quality recordings of our current session with notes
  • Access a library of over seventy inner journeys and notes, tagged with key words for ease of study
  • Discover more of your inter-dimensional self
  • Develop energy centres that can enhance your sense of oneness and presence 
  • Develop new ways of manifesting your inner light to create joyful experiences
  • Connect with beings in other cities of light
  • Experience yourself as part of a galactic community
  • Receive email links to our live sessions and advance news of residential courses

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What is a city of light?

When we come together in knowing ourselves as beings of love and light – knowing ourselves as what Sananda calls ‘beautiful presence’ – creating a city of light becomes a natural expression of sharing. Throughout the Galaxy cities of light are the familiar chosen environment for beings like ourselves as they arrive at the level of consciousness we are also beginning to enter.

Cities of light are understood to be one of the finest ways of creating and sustaining states of shared consciousness which align with Divine Will as it expressed through the star soul in whose system the city exists. A city of light allows Divine Presence expressed through the spiritual light of the star to be made manifest by the consciousness of a community.

Listen to introductory talks and inner journeys from Sananda

Sananda describes a city of light

Begin by thinking of a time when you have felt clear, light and fully alive. A City of Light is a environment of light shaped by the love and higher will of many beings to sustain and develop such states of consciousness.

Such an environment is not fixed, but fluid, reflecting with ever-greater accuracy Divine Will, moment by moment. It both invites and sustains higher and higher levels of aliveness in all who participate in its creation.

A City of Light is by its nature beautiful, for whatever you find beautiful in your life is beautiful to you to the degree that it reveals the Source of All. Cities of Light are the creations of sentient beings, designed to invite the Source of All to take up residence; they are celebrations of the beauty of life.

A City of Light is birthed from within you. It is an outworking of your innermost light, a revelation of the infinite beauty of your own being.

When you come together with others to create a City of Light you generate new and undreamed of possibilities, for as the light of your being encounters and plays with the light of those with whom you share this process of creation, so the light itself reveals to you the infinite scope of your being.

A City of Light is an environment in which you may come to know more fully your oneness with all life.

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