Introduction to the Canopy of Stars Series

Milky Way Logo MediumThe purpose of these days is to create a sacred space for personal transformation. Each one focuses on an important aspect of human experience. Each is complete in itself. I will be channelling a very large group of highly evolved luminous beings through Sananda. This group refer to themselves simply as The Community; they are associated with stars in our part of the Galaxy and are stepping forward at this time to bring their help more directly to all who would like to receive it. In each of these days streams of light from the stars will be woven together in specific blends and frequency patterns to create sacred spaces in which we may experience Divine Presence.  Continue…

Introduction to Joy

The light of Sirius has a powerful effect upon the human energy field, for it holds templates for the etheric body, past, present and future. Currently this light is rolling forward to reveal the next stage of human development. On this day Sirius will be joined by the loving beings of Arcturus to bring you the light of joy and to help you integrate it, so that it may become more real and present in your life.

Your heart centre has an immense capacity for joy. Sananda will help you welcome the light of joy through the heart of Sirius into your own heart. You will be guided to use this light to cleanse the Third Eye, assisting you to see with joy, and the Well of Dreams, assisting you to remember with joy. Beings of light from Sirius and Arcturus will help you connect with the galactic community of light, so that you may feel the joy of the Galaxy in your own being.

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