Touch the seat of joy with the flow of your breath.

Access more of the wisdom of the Universe.

Deepen your sense of fulfilment with the light of glory in your heart.

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Flow with the river of life.

Let your joy be unattached to any particular thing.

The light of grace contributes to your physical well-being.

Behind every thought you can find bliss.

The star of peace bring rest to your body, mind and spirit.

You are the song your soul sings in the world.

Are there always lessons when hurt comes our way or are some not awakened enough to know they hurt others?

All guidance helps you to know your own wisdom.

Money is very useful to you, but it is not wealth.

What are the differences between my higher self, my soul and my divine self?

How do we know if we have trapped emotions? How can we release them?

Receive angelic gifts of pure light.

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