A Personal Inner Journey

lotus-215460You may like to have an inner journey channelled by Christopher from Sananda and recorded especially for you. Sananda shapes a journey that guides you to inner spaces and states of consciousness where you may develop the skills and insights that are most valuable for you at this time.

Your inner journey is accompanied by the beautiful music of Thaddeus and will generally be between twenty and thirty minutes long. You can commission one here for a donation. Recordings are usually ready for you within two weeks of your order. You will receive your recording as an mp3 file that you can download or listen to in the Personal Recordings section of the My Heaven on Earth page.

[reveal heading=”%image%   Click here if you would like guidance on an appropriate payment


I suggest two approaches when deciding on an appropriate payment. Use whichever is helpful for you.

  • Let yourself become quiet and go within to find your own guidance
  • Use as a guideline our former pricing structure where £45 was the fee for a Personal Inner Journey[/reveal]