Teachings from the Pleiades

Walking in Wonder

The light of wonder springs from within you to reveal the world as multi-dimensional. This light transcends the limitations of time and helps you develop an expansive awareness that is no longer limited by your physical form. Every event and experience of your life has connections and echoes through the many dimensions in which you exist. As you become more aware of these dimensions so you enrich your your life. As you engage in this process you also make peace with all aspects of your being, for self-acceptance dissolves limitations we have imposed upon ourselves and as you relax into the love which is your essence doors open to the wonder of your being.

Sananda will guide you into a special space created by the Pleiadians to facilitate this expansion of consciousness. Weaving together the light of the hundreds of stars that make up this group, they have developed ways of helping human awareness to be at ease with itself by highlighting beautiful currents of light flowing through our reality. These flows of light are present everywhere at all times in increasing volume. On this day you will be guided into these flows of light and be introduced to skills you may use for navigating them from joyful moment to joyful moment.

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Saturday 15 October in central London / Wednesday 19 October, 26 October and 2 November: 8 pm – 9.30 pm UK time online. You may join this course by a donation of your choice.

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An introduction from Christopher

In these courses I will be channelling Sananda and working with a Pleiadian Master of Light. Each course is complete in itself. Each helps you to express your inner light more fully. At their heart is love: the love that comes for us from the Pleiades and the love that is your essence. Each course teaches skills of light that help you know, express and share that love more fully. Each contributes to the creation of a new city of light here on Earth.

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The Pleiades

Pleiades namedThe Pleiades (often called the Seven Sisters) is a star group clearly visible in the northern sky. It is made up of over a thousand stars. In these courses we will be connecting especially with beings associated with Alcyone, the brightest star of the Pleiades. These beings have had a long interest in humanity and a strong intention to offer their help to us in our process of evolution.

We are entering a time in which interactions between humanity and the beings of the Pleiades are becoming easier. There is a greater natural resonance developing between our mental bodies and theirs, which supports their deep interest in helping us discover more open and flowing modes for the human mind. These new modes of thought encourage flexibility of interaction; we see each other’s point of view more readily and perceive the love that lies behind all things more easily. More about the Pleiades here…

A City of Light

Each of these courses contributes to the creation of a city of light here on Earth. A city of light can be understood as a state of shared consciousness that we create when we express and share our inner light with the heightened awareness that comes as we grow spiritually. Each course course here simultaneously helps you build consciousness and gives you skills to use that new consciousness for your own joy and fulfilment, and for the development of new ways of being in the world that we may call ‘living in a city of light’.

The practical details

You can join these courses at a beautiful venue in central London or online from anywhere in the world.

The talks and inner journeys which comprise each course, together with additional study notes, will be available online here for all participants. You will be able to download them or access them from your member’s area of the website whenever you choose.

We wish to keep these teachings special at this time and request that you do not share them without permission.

An introduction from Sananda

The stars hold out hands of light to support you. They weave their fingers together to create a cradle of light. Many beings from the stars around you are turning their attention to the Earth, for the time is ripe for human consciousness to grow. You are not separate from these beings. Your mind and theirs are connected by light. You can learn the skills they have evolved and know yourself once more as part of a galactic family.

Alcyone, central star of the Pleiades

The beings of the Pleiades hold a vision for humanity of peace and joy grounded in a wisdom that is inherent in your being. They offer skills for developing the pathways by which this inherent wisdom is increasingly embodied in your human form. To be human is more wonderful than you might believe. There is a great work in the creation of a physical form that supports divine wisdom. To hold such frequency patterns in the atomic and cellular structures of the human body has required deep study on your part and that of many others. Behind this study lies a beautiful purpose.

Your sisters and brothers in the stars love to help you. For your growing supports theirs. There is a role awaiting humanity for which they are placeholders. In time humanity will be the peacemakers and bridge builders, who help peoples across the Galaxy to understand themselves and each other. You will do this by embodying the history of the Galaxy and holding its purpose in your aura. These teachings from the Pleiades are designed to help you be at peace with your own history and understand your own purpose so that you may live that purpose with a greater ease and fuller joy.

The Many Mansions of Your Heart

Pink_Rose_HeartThe Pleiadians, as individuals and as communities, have learnt to let their heart centres expand outwards into the love that comes to them from this cluster of stars that is their home. Within your own heart centre is a key quality that resonates with this love also. As the Pleiadian key becomes more active, so you facilitate the opening of what Sananda calls ‘the many mansions of your heart’. A mansion first meant a resting place then became a magnificent place; both meanings point to the teachings the Pleiadians are sharing here.

You have the capacity to connect through your heart centre with many people and become aware of each and modulate the flows and select the qualities of love that are most helpful in each connection. Such an ability is magnificent and it is also too complex for the ordinary mind to comprehend. Trying to grasp the detail of so many connections simultaneously with your rational mind turns the process into work. With this development of the heart centre the Pleiadians teach another way of using the mind, tapping into global flows of light that are becoming available the the human mental body. Resting the mind is one of the ways by which these flows may be discovered. So the many mansions of your heart are both glorious and peaceful.

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Now available as an online course. You may join this course by a donation of your choice.

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The Crystal Globe

Crystal SphereIn the Halls of Learning associated with the star Alcyone in the Pleiades is a room devoted to the Earth. Here, over many generations, a group of Pleiadians have studied Earth and all who live here with purpose of facilitating the evolution of human consciousness with love and light. In this room is an etheric crystal globe, an energetic model of the Earth, which this group uses to understand the Earth’s own evolving light and its effect upon all for whom the Earth is home.

In this course you are invited to join this group, to learn about and share in this work. At the heart of this globe is a dynamic, lightning-like light, running from pole to pole. Around the outside of the globe is a plasma-like light that represents the Earth’s electro-magnetic field. We will focus on these two qualities of light: the inner relating to the spirit that is the animating force for our life as a humans, and the outer relating to the fuller expression of the love that we are. You will be helped by a Pleiadian guide to embody more of your inner light and to grant that light a fuller expression through your human energy field.

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Now available as an online course. You may join this course by a donation of your choice.

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The Power of the Helix

Swirl_2The helix combines two fundamental kinds of motion in our Universe, the line and the circle. We encounter these movements again and again in our lives. We travel through the years, for example, and yet each year is a cycle of seasons. Our Galaxy spins around its centre and it also travels through space. Together these two kinds of paths trace a helix.

We are familiar with the double helix of DNA within each cell. Around this double helix light is beginning to be sufficiently present to generate further etheric helical strands. Helical light has its own properties and power. This particular form of light helps you to access more of your multi-dimensional self, increasing awareness of yourself as you exist in other dimensions and beyond the limits of our ordinary sequential time. This day will give you an introduction to using helical light with skills and tools that you may continue to develop.

The practical details

Now available as an online course. You may join this course by a donation of your choice.

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  • Places online are unlimited!
  • You can attend the course in person in London and join us online
  • The course is to be recorded and all participants will have access on this website to all recorded inner journeys and talks as well as additional study notes.


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