Let your joy be unattached to any particular thing.

Behind every thought you can find bliss.

The star of peace bring rest to your body, mind and spirit.

Welcome your soul’s presence.

Meet someone in your life and make peace with who you both are.

You have a will of your own and it’s very important to you.

You are part of a community bringing peace to Earth.

Angels help you to see your own beauty.

Stillness between breaths or activities renews you.

In the heart of your heart meet the peace your soul.

Let the cells of your body help you live a life of peace.

You create peace within your own being.

Let your soul create peace through you.

You live in a world of movement and change. It is natural to experience love as something you give and receive; it moves between you. Yet you also are love. There is a stillness at the heart of your being that is the love that you are. You can be this stillness and in doing so, relieve yourself of a kind of work you may have unconsciously committed yourself to.

Mountain ReflectionsOne of the best ways of looking after your mind is to rest it. You live in a world in which a busy mind is normal and a more active mind can seem like a fitter mind. Thoughts wear grooves and habitual thoughts can create deep grooves that may become ruts that are difficult to free yourself from. Resting your mind gives it the opportunity to relax back into its naturally responsive state.

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