I’m fond of the analogy that likens us to pieces of a jigsaw puzzle.

Appreciating your magnificence brings you to oneness.

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Let the love that you are expand outwards.

Your soul’s unconditional love helps you towards oneness.

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When you move into worship, you move into oneness. There ceases to be a distinction between you worshipping the Source and the Source worshipping you.

At some point in this process you may discover an observer: some part of you is observing this process and is therefore to some extent outside of it. For worship to be complete the observer must relinquish its role. But how might this be done?

The part of you that is the observer is very important. It sits and watches all the events of your life and creates a story, or multiple stories, out of them. In many ways it is the glue that holds your personality self together, and to have that self fall apart can feel very frightening. If you let the observer dissolve into a sea of oneness, what remains of you?

When the Sun warms water, water evaporates and rises towards the Sun. There it gathers new light; it is renewed. The molecules of water receive an update of the Divine Plan. Light comes anew from the Source of All through the consciousness of the Sun to be given to the Earth as rain or snow.

When light is refracted through raindrops to create a rainbow, you can see the light of oneness revealed in the colours of the spectrum; the one becomes many.

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In this inner journey you have an opportunity to experience how peace on Earth is created over time.

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