Access more of the wisdom of the Universe.

Deepen your sense of fulfilment with the light of glory in your heart.

Pausing between activities and breaths restores and renews you.

Welcome your soul’s presence.

Welcome the tides of your heart centre.

Meet someone in your life and make peace with who you both are.

In the temple of your heart let the light of creation grow.

The stillness between breaths opens a door to infinite possibilities.

Expand your heart centre with the Angels of Compassion as you add to your inner peace and to peace in the world. 8 inner journeys and notes.

You are part of a community bringing peace to Earth.

Your light and love release the past.

The flow of your breath brings ease.

In the heart of your heart meet the peace your soul.

You are the dance of being.

Welcome your divine self to guide your future.

Welcome the light of grace into your energy field.

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