Touch the seat of joy with the flow of your breath.

The light of grace contributes to your physical well-being.

Pausing between activities and breaths restores and renews you.

Your presence is a blessing to the world.

The light of grace creates a space for you to grow into.

The stillness between breaths opens a door to infinite possibilities.

Stillness between breaths or activities renews you.

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The flow of your breath brings ease.

Welcome the light of grace into your energy field.

Your soul guides you to discover the mystery of your being.

Let the cells of your body help you live a life of peace.

You are the singer and the song.

You can find within yourself a place of perfect peace, the home of your divine self. This place is not so far removed as it might sometimes seem. You may come to it with a soft intention; that is, an intention that is absolute without being forceful, for this is an intention that recognises a tide in all things that is carrying you towards freedom.

Such a freedom comes from an inner knowing that you are present. In every present moment a doorway – wide open – exists and takes you to your divine self.

[mp3-jplayer tracks=”FEED:/freemeditations/sm2013/sm130808″] Inspiration is one of the qualities of light flowing strongly into your world now. Every day you can breathe this light in; it comes direct from the Source of All. Its purpose is to awaken within you the seeds of your own future. If you choose you can breathe this light in with …

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Antares Field
Antares, 15th brightest star in the sky and about 170 light years away, is the brightest star in the constellation of Scorpius and one of the biggest stars known, a supergiant with a diameter 400 times that of the Sun.

Antares Comparison

It fluctuates in brightness over an approximately five-year cycle and has a much smaller bluer companion orbiting it over 900 years. On the left is a comparison of the Sun (arrowed in the image) with Antares. The star Arcturus is also shown for comparison as is the size of Mars’ orbit (dotted line).

Antares Photo Guide

In the photo to the right Antares is the brightest star, to the lower left. The guide below shows some of the other principal stars in the photo, and below that you can see a constellation map of Scorpius, on a much smaller scale, which shows that Scorpius is indeed one of the constellations that does look like its traditional image. Once it included the stars of Libra which formed its claws, making the resemblance even stronger.

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