Recently I’ve come across articles suggesting that we live in a matrix reality, that we are like goldfish in a goldfish bowl swimming round and round a limited reality created by superior beings, and that it is incumbent upon us to escape. The strategy for escape that some are suggesting is a kind of uploading of our thoughts to a large (or perhaps not so large) memory stick, thus ensuring immortality and freedom. There is some truth in this.

Stillness between breaths or activities renews you.

We hear that as we go through the Sun our etheric body gets created. When and how does the earth energy give form to our physical body ?

Astronomy The Orion Nebula, also known as M42, is a vast cloud of dust and interstellar gas out of which new stars are being created. The nebula itself is about 1350 light years away and 15 to 25 light years across (two or three times the distance from here to Sirius). The blur of its form …

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