Teachings from the Pleiades: The Power of the Helix

Suggested Price: £25.00

Use the power of helical light to open awareness of your multi-dimensional self.

6 inner journeys, 6 talks with study notes. Available to listen to online or download.

The helix combines two fundamental kinds of motion in our Universe, the line and the circle. We are familiar with the double helix of DNA within each cell. Around this double helix light is beginning to be sufficiently present to generate further etheric helical strands. Helical light helps you to access more of your multi-dimensional self, increasing awareness of yourself as you exist in other dimensions and beyond the limits of our ordinary sequential time. This day will give you an introduction to using this form of light with skills and tools that you may continue to develop. Continue…

Available as a recorded course to listen to online or download. You may pay for this course by a donation of your choice.