Teachings from the Pleiades: Walking in Wonder

Learn to navigate beautiful flows of light in our reality to increase your experience of joy. Saturday 15 October in central London and starting Wednesday 19 October online.

The light of wonder springs from within you to reveal the world as multi-dimensional. This light transcends the limitations of time and helps you develop an expansive awareness that is no longer limited by your physical form. Every event and experience of your life has connections and echoes through the many dimensions in which you exist. As you become more aware of these dimensions so you enrich your your life. There are beautiful currents of light flowing through our reality. These flows of light are present everywhere at all times in increasing volume. On this day you will be guided into these flows of light and be introduced to skills you may use for navigating them from joyful moment to joyful moment. Continue…

Saturday 15 October in central London / Wednesday 19 October, 26 October and 2 November: 8 pm – 9.30 pm UK time online. You may pay for this course by a donation of your choice.

Code: TP04

In London, online or both

In London, Online, Both

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Deposit, In full, Balance