Helping the Planet: Cleansing the Ocean with a Net of Light

Express the radiance of your inner light through the oceans of the Earth.

4 inner journeys with notes

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In this course you are guided to focus the radiance of your own inner light to place it in the world, for the light of your being has consciousness and it loves to serve. Offering your radiance to the Earth can be a wonderful way of fulfilling this purpose and enhancing your own light further.

Though the primary emphasis in this series of meditations is upon service to the Earth, there is always going to be spiritual growth for you as well. Physically, after all, we are made of a high proportion of water. The net of light with which you help to cleanse the oceans, passes through the waters of your own being too.

Connect with angelic beings, whale consciousness, the soul of the Earth and the light of Sirius.

Four inner journeys: Merging with Whale Consciousness, Meeting the Ophanim Angels, The Waters of the Womb and Net of Light, Ocean of Light

With music by Michael Hammer.

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