Andromeda Galaxy: Anchoring Starlight

An inner journey with Sananda introduced by Christopher Sell.

Let the light of Andromeda Galaxy bring a new perspective to your life.

Every star brings gifts from the Source of All. At this time of quickening the stars play a precious role in awakening us to a fuller realisation of the love and light that is our essence. The Anchoring Starlight series of inner journeys and talks are designed to help you connect with the souls of the stars as you receive their gifts of light.

This journey is by its nature rather different from the others in the series; you are connecting with an enormous number of stars, probably more than the 100 billion or so in our own Galaxy, perhaps ten times as many. So this journey comprises two parts: an overview to give a flavour of the Andromeda Galaxy compared to our own, and then a focusing in on a place within that galaxy that resonates with our own place within this Galaxy and helps you to add a new dimension of understanding or realisation to your experience now of this life here on Earth.

This course may help you:

Gain a new perspective, increase insight and make a new start.

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One talk and one inner journey as mp3 files.

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