Alcyone: Anchoring Starlight

An inner journey with Sananda introduced by Christopher Sell.

Let the light of Alcyone help you develop mental flow.

Every star brings gifts from the Source of All. At this time of quickening the stars play a precious role in awakening us to a fuller realisation of the love and light that is our essence. The Anchoring Starlight series of inner journeys and talks are designed to help you connect with the souls of the stars as you receive their gifts of light.

Alcyone helps: the birth of the new; opening creativity; seeding new possibilities in human consciousness; opening the mind of the heart; using Divine Will to magnetize thoughts.

In this inner journey you explore how Alcyone, the brightest star of the Pleiades, can help your mental body to evolve. Sananda guides you to look at the relationship between overview and focus (what we might call the bird’s eye view and the mouse’s view) and how we may simultaneously sustain a broad overview of all that your life is and have a focused awareness of many different events and individuals within your life. As you develop this skill so the mental body changes some of its familiar ways of functioning, especially by moving to a higher level of intuitive thinking, where mental energy is able to manifest more directly as experience without needing to go through the production of fixed thoughts or ideas.

This course may help you:

Develop intuition and mental balance, broaden your outlook, increase flexible thinking.

Your download

One talk and one inner journey as mp3 files.

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