Many evolved souls are choosing to incarnate on Earth now and over the coming years. There is much we can do to assist them in bringing their light and love into human form as fully as possible. They bring with them inspiration, ideas, resolutions and solutions. They bring qualities of love that heal and reveal to us more of the potential of us all. We can make a difference for them, and that will help them to make a difference for us all.

Some years ago I found myself channelling a delightful being who explained that he was representing a very large group of souls who were preparing to incarnate over the next few years and were intending to bring with them as much of their light as possible.  He said that this group was looking for help to make the transition into this world as easy as possible, and they felt that helping parents to understand them as beings of light as well as helpless infants, was one valuable way of assisting.

For a while I channelled visions held by some of the souls entering our world and published them in a small newsletter called Welcome to the New Children. You can read some of those visions here – look on the drop down menu under Children on the navigation bar. You will also find occasional articles here.