Welcome the tides of your heart centre.

Choose a universe of joy.

How are we constituted?

Your presence is a blessing to the world.

I’m interested to get some insight into the ‘battle of the sexes’.

Can you say more about the properties of sound and how beneficial they might be to us?

What effect does the way we think and feel about a person have on them?

The light of grace creates a space for you to grow into.

In the temple of your heart let the light of creation grow.

Could you love yourself more deeply?

The stillness between breaths opens a door to infinite possibilities.

Why might you choose to be a physical being?

Around the world a new community of light is growing.

You have a will of your own and it’s very important to you.

You might think that angels are for special occasions…

Welcome. Take a few moments to think about your life, especially to sense the overall pattern of it.

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