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These teachings are given by Sananda through Christopher Sell. Sananda is a timeless presence of light whose purpose is to help all life on Earth to grow in peace, love, joy and harmony. Christopher has worked with Sananda for over twenty years.

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Heart of Peace Week

Opening to the abundance of the Universe

The Threshold of Eternity

Developing harmony between your divine and human self

Maya Lands 2017

Initiate a new stage in your life path

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A City of Light

First Sunday of each month at 9.00 am creating a global community of light

A Good Start

Every Monday at 7.15 am. A short inner journey for your week


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Innocence can be found again, for it is never truly lost. Love restores innocence.

Soul Guidance

A live one-to-one session with Sananda



The light of the stars in a bottle

Teachings from the Stars

Learn from our sister/brother beings from the stars

Anchoring Starlight

Connect with the power and love of the stars



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Inner journeys

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