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Sananda, a timeless presence of light, gives these teachings through Christoper Sell to help all on Earth to grow in peace, love and joy. Christopher has worked with Sananda for over twenty years.


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Awakening Your Light Body

Take a leap forward on your path of spiritual growth. Starts 20 January in Cambridgeshire.

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Sananda responds to questions. New recordings each month.

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A new mini-meditation for you every Monday at 7.15 am.

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A City of Light

First Sunday of each month at 9.00 am creating a global community of light

A Good Start

Every Monday at 7.15 am. A short inner journey for your week


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Please note: our final meeting is on 7 December

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The entire Universe is an expression of love, and it enfolds you in that love.

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The light of the stars in a bottle

Teachings from the Stars

Learn from our sister/brother beings from the stars

Anchoring Starlight

Connect with the power and love of the stars



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Inner journeys

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